VI Institute

VI Institute takes tele dermatology to the next level: We are aiming at enabling new potential for doctor-patient communication by combining the highest level of data protection, artificial intelligence and ease of use. The technology, co-developed in Austria, offers security in data transmission across all aspects of communication: all information, i.e. photos, videos, (audio) files and the like, is fully encrypted during the entire data transmission

DermaVisio Net

DermaVisio Net is a robust communication platform with end-to-end and seamless encryption of ALL common file formats as well as full protection of all metadata. The solution is so far unique in the field of telemedicine and a prerequisite for the widespread use of telehealth. Eventually, telemedicine treatments will be just as secure as the traditional doctor’s consultation on the premises of an office: it is not possible to read out what information has been transmitted, not even that a consultation has taken place at all.

DermaVisio KIS

DermaVisio KIS supports physicians through AI-based image recognition. It has been developed according to the needs of Health Care Providers in the field of dermatology and is designed to support the diagnoses and to help increase the efficacy of dermatologists based on first in class technology.

DermaVisio App

With the DermaVisio app, it is possible for the first time to capture and analyze moles via smartphone without additional devices. The app compares the captured image with a medical database and provides an astonishingly accurate initial assessment in a very short time. Furthermore, it has a diary function to prepare for the doctor’s consultation.

Making complex technologies user-friendly 

What we are focusing on

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically demonstrated the importance of maintaining healthcare in challenging times and remote regions. While health systems seemed to gravitate towards all forms of digital solutions in the early days of the pandemic, we have focused on the secure remote doctor-patient dialog. A robust encryption technology is used to create a secure platform and untraceable data transfer. Through the smart integration of administrative processes, we reduce the administrative burden for health care providers.

Secure technologies for the virtual doctor-patient conversation

Smartphones, video integration and the internet offer ideal conditions for virtual communication between doctor and patient.

  • But are the conversations also encrypted and secure?
  • Are the applications easy to use?
  • And can administrative processes be accelerated?

With our technology we enable completely new forms of interaction between doctor and patient.

Healthcare technologies on three levels

VI Institute Telehealth

Harmonising systems

The VI Institute’s developments can be seamlessly connected. Our secure platform for doctor-patient conversations simplifies documentation and analysis in the background and provides an interface for an app and other applications.
Dermavisio Net
SEAMLESS SECURITYTelemedicine offers great opportunities – but only if communication is secure throughout. DermaVisio Net offers complete end-to-end encryption – not only for text, as is customary in the market, but also for images, videos and other common data formats. In addition, our system also protects metadata from access and evaluation by third parties. Data protection at the highest level!
THE FUTURE OF MEDICAL IMAGE RECOGNITION   With the technology of DermaVisio KIS, medical images can be compared automatically. For example, it can be used to compare photos of certain organs of a patient with certain disease patterns. Deep neural networks and complex artificial intelligence play an important role in this. The intelligent translation into smart software ensures ease of use and considerable time savings, while the involvement of medical specialists guarantees high reliability.
ASSESSING SKIN CHANGES VIA APP   DermaVisio App with its diary function serves to prepare the patient for the consultation with the doctor. With the DermaVisio App, it is possible for the first time to record and analyse skin changes via smartphone and without additional devices. The app compares the captured image with a medical database and provides an amazingly accurate initial assessment in a very short time.


“Technology is evolving more and more from the primitive to the complicated to the simple.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry