Our Mission

About us

We have set ourselves the goal of developing high-quality solutions for telemedicine using state-of-the-art technologies. In doing so, we want to make a contribution to basic medical care. We attach particular importance to data protection in accordance with the highest scientific standards. One project of our initiative is to detect malignant skin changes as early as possible. The DermaVisioApp plays an essential role here.

Manage health intelligently

Our unique technologies take telemedicine a decisive step forward.

Top performance #1

For the first time, a mobile phone photo of a birthmark is enough to provide excellent machine analyses and assessments in superior quality.

Top performance #2

With our developments, intelligent algorithms make it possible to deliver state-of-the-art diagnostic analyses in the shortest possible time.

Top performance #3

Our digital communication platform enables doctors and patients to communicate with each other securely and easily in virtual space.

Telemedicine since Covid

Approval of telemedicine on the rise

Since COVID, there has been a massive mind set shift toward telemedicine. An increasing share of the population expects doctor-patient consultations via digital media as a sensible and necessary addition. As surveys by McKinsey show, the proportion of those in favor of telemedicine has risen massively in the population – triggered by COVID.


Proportion of u.s. patients now in favor of expanding telemedicine


Proportion of u.s. patients now in favor of expanding telemedicine