The power to change

Values set the course

Courage and strength is all you need

Virtus inspire – breathe in strength (breathe in courage). This is the motto of Li Haixiang, better known in the international business world and among database experts as Vic Lee.

For Vic Lee, courage and strength are all you need for success in life. That is why these values are so important to him. And that is why he has aligned his companies and his CSR initiatives with them.

Vic Lee has breathed power into Tencent, he largest technology company in China and the first major milestone of his career. From 1999 – a year after its founding – Vic Lee was responsible for planning, building and managing Tencent’s operating platforms, including technical architecture, information security, payment processing, business intelligence, sales channel connectivity, basic IT, application maintenance and customer service.

Later, Vic Lee took over the search engine of Tencent (42nd place in the global website ranking – as of February 2022).

Among database specialists, Vic Lee is known not only for the practical implementation of data queries, but also for his presentations at professional conferences and theoretical concepts.

He has published numerous papers, most recently on Conceptual Modeling on Tencent’s Distributed Database Systems (2018) or  Data Anomalies In Databases (2021).

Vic Lee has also shown that he can breathe power into a range of technological research. Vic Lee has secured patents for some developments in the field of data processing. Among other things, they concern the storage and recovery of data. One development he has secured in the field of mine vision is particularly exciting: Making machines see, so to speak, so that they can search for and recognise images.

Strength through education

Breathing power – this is also true for Vic Lee in his education policy initiatives. His own training ranges from the South China University of Technology to famous management forges like Harvard and Wharton.

In Hong Kong, Vic Lee finances tech education initiatives in schools including international partner programmes. For example, he has started projects with schools to help students realise the value of education and to learn how important innovations are for the prosperity of a country. In this way, even those young people who have not had much to do with technology are encouraged to pursue technical studies. Highlights for students are excursions to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.