Telehealth – but secure

Enabler for telemedicine

Telemedicine helps to compensate for the shortage of doctors and primary care in rural areas. The big problem with conventional solutions: The much-vaunted end-to-end encryption does not apply to all data.


All data must be secure.

End-to-end encryption does not apply to all data!

Increasing digitalisation is creating entirely new possibilities for communication. One of the fields in which there is undoubtedly great potential is telemedicine. The biggest stumbling block for telemedicine is definitely the safe and secure transmission of sensitive patient data. The currently common so-called end-to-end encryption is not suitable on its own to protect data over the entire transmission path.

What current systems conceal

End-to-end encryption only means that CERTAIN communication contents are encrypted on the respective end device of the participants in an interaction, but not their communication information. The technology used by popular messenger services, for example, does not encrypt all communication data. Mostly, only pure text messages (i.e. no pictures, videos, …) are encrypted. Also metadata – so the fact that it was communicated at all – can be traced and evaluated.

With DermaVisio, all data is encrypted throughout

In contrast, DermaVisio Net – the new technology co-developed in Austria – offers security in data transmission across all aspects of communication: With DermaVisio Net, all information is fully encrypted during the entire data transmission.

Good reasons for Telehealth

Fewer dermatologists

Due to the upcoming wave of retirements, the health care system is facing major challenges: The number of dermatologists is decreasing, skin cancer cases are increasing. We need to find solutions to use existing resources more efficiently.


Shortage of care workers

Shortage of resources for health care, especially for older people (lack of caregivers, funding, etc.).


Skin cancer on the rise

Regardless of the pandemic, the number of skin cancer cases is rising sharply: while there were 447 new cases in 1983, there are already 1471 cases in 2018.


Help for immobile patients

Implementation of remote consultations as a solution for immobile patients – the proportion of this patient group will increase along the population pyramid.



440 cases of skin cancer apparently went undetected during the pandemic in Austria (source: Spot the dot ). A telemedical solution could have helped prevent this tragic consequence of the pandemic.


Secure basic supply

Increasing shortage of (specialist) doctors in rural regions endangers the current level of primary health care.


With DermaVisio all data is protected

With the solution used for the DermaVisio platform, all information, i.e. photos, videos, (audio) files and the like, are encrypted during the entire data transmission.
The solution is so far unique in the field of telemedicine and an indispensable prerequisite for the widespread use of teleconsultations. This means that telemedical treatments are just as secure as the traditional doctor’s consultation on the premises of an office: it is not possible to read out what information has been transmitted, not even that a consultation has taken place at all.
This is an indispensable prerequisite for the safe use of telemedicine.

DermaVisio protects health data

Only real data protection will bring the breakthrough for telemedicine

With the new level of security in the transmission of sensitive data, the broad use of telemedicine in Austria is made possible. The solution will make a significant contribution to maintaining basic medical care in the coming years, especially in rural areas.